Friday, October 24, 2008


Years ago, whether millions or billions, geologists can only estimate, this area around Canon City Colorado was affected by the WILL of GOD, one of the results a generous formation of Rocks which supposedly brought on the name ROCKY MOUNTAINS.

So many different kinds of rocks. The entrance to the 'SKYLINE DRIVE' which follows the ridge of a mountain west of Canon City, entrance having an Arch of Stone, rocks from every State of the U.S. at the time of construction. (type keyword SKYLINE DRIVE CANON CITY COLORADO) this built by use of prisoners and sledge hammers making small rocks out of big ones. Mule Teams too, long before the modern

machinery as we know it now.

Beyond Skyline Drive is a valley thru which has U.S. Highway 50 and on out of these foothills to more Western States. Up from that Valley is a taller mountain easily seen from Canon City which has a Stone Quarry of Rose Colored Marble. (a major industry here). The Colorado State Capitol Building at Denver has much of the Marble from this Quarry.

GOD'S Will produced many diverse types of rocks. Abundance of Limestone, Gravel of different Colors.

Of course other States have these things too. Arkansas State and those surrounding it has FLINTROCK. Most of the Flint arrowheads have been found by now. The Cherokee Indians of Oklahoma were experts at making Flint arrowheads. A slow unique process.

I will try to show a photo of the Rose Color Marble Quarry. sam

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back during Bus Driving Days

Yes, Sam took his Wife Mary Jane and 4 year old Son to St.Louis -

The old Greyhound Bus Station in St.Louis adjoined a huge fruit market. In fact if the sidewalk was included, the incoming Greyhound Buses must drive thru part of the fruit market before unloading the passengers.
Crates of oranges and baskets of fruit placed dareingly near to the area in which the right front wheel of the bus must pass.
On occasion, as accidents do happen, a crunch and out across the sidewalk rolled the fruit, some to be mashed by the rear dual wheels as the bus continued in. Then the yelling and tearing his hair of the fruit manager. Forgetting to speak English momentarily, then shows a Greyhound official, now using English with hand talk how careless that Greyhound driver was to tumble a fruit basket.
Inside the fruit market were various sections, imported dried fruit, candied peels, bakery products, a pickle department. Fish too, live or cleaned on demand. A huge fascinating place.
One day a Greyhound driver had taken his wife and eldest son for a trip to St. Louis from Springfield Missouri. The eldest son was four years old. The driver had brought the Schedule bus up from the garage to drive back to Springfield, silverside bus, this being back in the 1950s, those old buses having no restrooms.
With about a half hour to spare, the driver and wife and boy decided to visit the fruit market. Right off the boy saw those jars of green olives with the bright red on one end of the olive, his favorite. The mother knew he would be thirsty after eating the olives and said no, you would drink too much water and no restroom on the bus. Just eat one of those bananas your dad is offering you. Then the tantrum. Boy following dad, thinking he would give in. The driver held the boy in one arm while he cried and struggled and the sack of bananas in his other hand,
Dozens of people watching, the wife had retreated a few steps and an alert observing lady pointed at the driver and said, I've been watching that bus driver eating those bananas and the boy has'nt even had one. He should be reported. sam

Another from AOL Archives - CUT and PASTE

Hopefully , AOL journal friends will transfer archives to Google.
Only a few days left 'til November. sam

Farm boys way back then did'nt really need therapy, busy doing what comes naturally, happy to be healthy and alive.
The 'food experts' had'nt yet surfaced, so we country boys ate it if it tasted good.
Mid-morning, Springtime, drop the tools for a few minutes and go sit under a shade tree by the fence dividing the field from the cowpasture. Those contented milk-cows had lain down, also in the shade, pleasantly chewing their 'Cud'. Their What you might say ?
A Cud , in event you don't know, could be a sizeable chunk of chewing tobacco, being rolled around in the jaw of a chewer. With a milk-cow it is a ball of food that has been retrieved from her First Stomach. She has two stomachs.
Sitting there in the shade watching her cough up a cud that was one of several assimilated during the early morning grazing. A City boy seeing that , might think the cow had the hiccups. Not So.
People can also enjoy their cud, whether it be a grisley old guy with his chew or in contrast, a beautiful young lady chewing that gum at slow, medium or fast speed.
We don't need two stomachs though. One is ample to maintain our weight. Sometimes a diet might be a good help. So many different kinds of diet by various experts.
Learned of another diet just yesterday, indirectly, was just an innocent bystander, they did'nt even know I heard. You can learn a lot that way. Careful with this diet was the word. Possible to lose too much weight too fast. Simple and easy liquid diet.
Prune Juice. Eight Ounces early morn' on empty stomach. sam


If any Google Bloggers are wondering how to transfer entries from AOL to Google Bloggers, this entry you are reading is an example.
Cut and paste from AOL archives and place it here into the Google Post.
AOL archives may also be transferred to WORDPAD or MY DOCUMENTS. Once in place in Wordpad, make a disc for permanent record.
This entry 'Old Tulsa' is one of four years of AOL entries of my journal which had the title, SAM SAYS.

During the 'Oil Gusher'days in the Tulsa area,the late 20s, Tulsa was not a large city. Our family lived at 7th and Harvard, pretty well on the east edge of town.
Farther east was Sheridan Hills beginning to develop, if memory is correct that area was called White City. I remember it because the developers were handing to car occupants each a small box of marshmallows.
Just west of our house was the Tulsa University, on 7th street, then on down the hill was Kendall Grade School.
The electric streetcar went out to the University, then the conducter would get out and move that overhead apparatus around and connect the pully wheel back under the electric wire. From that point to the Kendall Grade School was downgrade, making it necessary to use the brakes.
One Halloween night an innocent looking little girl that lived just across from the school used up a bar of that homemade lye soap greasing the streetcar tracks, rendering the brakes to no avail.
Faster and faster, rocking to and fro, jumped the tracks at the foot of the hill, turning left and onto the school yard .Rough ride though did not overturn. That innocent looking little girl told the investigators that the passenger's heads were sure bobbing up and down.
Not far from there was the Whittier Square, combination of businesses and residences. Perhaps the most popular was the Circle Theater, had began showing some 'Talkies'. The huge Organ to this Day remains as does the 'movies' service.
On your computer,if interested, type Tulsa Circle Theater for a very interesting and informative report of it's restoration.
Nearby was the Circus Grounds where Famous performances took place. Also the farmer's market. Once during Peach season dad and I were at the farmer's market, hopefully he would buy a watermelon. A truck stopped near us and was loaded with peaches , could smell them as he stopped.
That peach truck driver looked at dad and kept looking, then walked up to dad and said, when we finished loading these peaches in Grand Junction, you must have known a shorter route thanI to get here ahead of me. Dad said, that was my 'look alike' brother in Grand Junction that helped you load those peaches.
So in October 1929, the Crash of Wall Street helped bring on the Great Depression of the 1930s. That was when we moved to Chouteau to four rooms and a Path. sam

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here is an example of a quick way to transfer entries from AOL to Wordpad or to MY DOCUMENTS. CUT AND PASTE.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Greyhound Driver Name of GOODNIGHT
This account sent to my friend John Adams, a retired Greyhound Driver whom also server in Official Capacity during many years with Greyhound. John now lives in Plano Texas.
Hi John,
The 'shortcut' expression reminded me of a Greyhound driver name of GOODNIGHT that took a shortcut with a Scenicruiser loaded with 43 people sleeping soundly along with driver GOODNIGHT.
John , you read an entry that I made of this on my journal and told me then that you did'nt know him. That driver was a character. An older fellow when being hired. Very sociable, part time preacher if needed to fill in if a need arose. A lady in Miami Oklahoma presented him with a brand new pickup truck after a Sermon.
Goodnight was a great friend of the Governor of Arkansas and had went Fox Hunting with him taking Goodnight's dogs, several times.
Back to the SHORTCUT, before the Interstate on Tulsa to Dallas Route, South of Durant Oklahoma was a long 'horseshoe' shaped curve in the highway that was a result of the track formed in the horse and buggy days. Fairly level ground and for some reason the old timers in charge of planning had not utilized a strait thru path like driver GOODNIGHT created that night.
Fortunately, no serious injuries though everyone woke up. Goodnight was out looking to see if there was damage to the bus which now was back on the road at the other side of the 'shortcut' when along came a State Trooper.
Of course Goodnight must make an accident report and in it was a commendation from the Oklahoma Trooper for doing such a good job getting across that expanse and back up on the highway.
John, lots of memories, right ? sam

Monday, October 20, 2008


Back in the era of the 'honey harvest' described in the last entry there were thousands of small farmers tilling the soil. Cotton was one of the crops that could produce some cash after a season's work, planting and caring for it to maturity.
Soon after the honey harvest experience our family moved out to the edge of the small town, rented a place that had a couple acres of rich garden soil. We planted various vegetables canned and prepared for the coming winter. Besides having a surplus of good vegetables, the fence rows had numerous sand plum trees loaded with fruit. Mother filled dozens of jars with plum butter and jelly made with blackberries which were plentiful, growing wild.
Near our home a Company decided to build a new cotton gin. Many area farmers raised cotton, especially the ones having a houseful of kids. The Cotton Gin construction began and was looked forward to because it would save a seven or eight mile trip in cotton picking time. Hauled by team and wagon.
Work progressed nicely as the framework of the Gin was half completed. While standing in our yard I heard the Gin framework crashing to the ground. An unexpected windstorm.
It was a setback though the Company official declared he rebuild and be in operating condition for cotton picking time. That he did, having extra crews helping.With the first big heaped up big load of cotton picked and loaded, along came a neighbor, mules stepping right along on the way to the Gin, big Henry sitting up there smoking that corncob pipe, waving as he passed by.
Everyone around cotton country including big Henry knew that it was a No No to smoke near a load of cotton or in a cotton Gin.
When a load of cotton is burning it is very secretive. No smell or indication it is on fire. That mysterious flame quickly sweeps over the surface and bides it's time to do it again.
Those old time Gins had a unique unloading system. The mules are driven in pulling the wagon, stopped in a position so the wagon may be tipped up to slide the cotton out. A bale of cotton weighed 500 pounds and a large wagon load could make a bale.
We kids were working in the big garden, at least dad had told us what to be working on. We spent a lot of time just sitting in the shade though one of us would always watch to see if dad was coming and give the alarm to start working.
I was the one watching and saw rolling smoke coming out of the new Cotton Gin. I told the other kids and as we watched, out of the drive on the exit side of the Gin came those mules with old big Henry really laying reins leather on them. That corncob pipe had been the dirty culprit and the unloading commotion had caused the flame to generate and out of control.
The Gin burned to the ground and big Henry suffered a singed beard and the mules singed tails.
Cottonseed can be used to make Gunpowder. sam


Fox News this A:M showed a man bare arms and legs,thousands of honey bees clinging to him, supposedly to win world record for having most bees clinging to him.
Fox asked for more Bee Stories. Then came a memory. 3 generations ago, my brother and I, 13 and 9 years of age were new in a neighborhood of very poor people, rural area after Wall Street Crash in October,1929.
Most everyone was hungry . We were invited to be at a honey harvest at Sundown. We arrived, with our pans, the older boys already had the 'bee smoker' going. I stood back while my 13 year old brother was anxious to taste that honey and learn more about 'honey harvest'.
The Owners had just moved,leaving the Beehives. A friendly kid handed me my pan with a couple nice honey combs. It tasted So Delicious. Now getting dark, looking for my brother, found him leaning against a tree , face in arms making gutteral sounds like I'd never heard before. I asked if he was ready to go home. He turned and it appeared as though he was holding a small red apple in his teeth. He was moaning and honey dripping out.
What a sight. All the kids laughing, except of course for my brother. I grabbed my pan and headed for home so he would'nt see me laughing. He was as mad as a Rodeo Bull. His stung tung looked so awful.
Next day still mad and looking for someone to fight. I hung around dad fairly close for a day or two. sa


Pat Nixon,wife of the President once visited Springfield Missouri without the President being with her. This was in the 1970s during Mr. Nixon's Term.
Seeing so much security recently reminded me of Pat Nixon's visit when she stayed at the KENTWOOD ARMS. On your computer check out 'Kentwood Arms'.
Being on the Greyhound Extra Board of Drivers, I was called to drive one of the two buses to transport Pat and the Group and now cannot remember details.
However,I remember pulling up into the fancy drive of the Kentwood Arms and seeing Security Guards on the rooftops and dark suited secret service agents bumping into each other.
I learned that Pat Nixon was now ready to leave town and the two buses would take Pat and traveling companions and the Press People to the Airport.Just as Pat Nixon was starting to get on my bus,two young ladies asked, which is the Press bus,and Pat pointed ahead and said,thats it up there and one of the secret service men escorted the girls and put them on the Press bus.
Those girls had walked from the College Campus and right up to the buses,no invitation or authority. On the way to the Airport were armed Security Guards on every overpass and sometimes in-between.
Through the guarded gate at the Airport and out to the waiting Plane on the Strip and as Pat Nixon got off my bus she saw the two girls carrying their Cameras and called to them,had a secret service man snap some photos with their cameras Pat with an arm around each of the girls.
Now this was an unbelievable SCOOP because the official Springfield News-Leader photographers were not allowed through that guarded entrance to the Airstrip. During this time the other bus pulled out and left the scene.My bus should be empty and all authorized people on the Jet Plane.
Here came those girls walking fast,carrying those cameras,realizing their predicament.Incidentaly,all that were left on foot and not on the Plane were those girls and I. I motioned them to get in the bus and not necessary to tell them to get low and out of sight.
Next publication of the News-Leader were the Color Photos of the College girls embraced by Pat Nixon and searching for an explanation of how this thing could have came about.
Young ladies such as those are to be admired.Even though there may have been a possibility of getting into trouble,they recognized the worth of such a Great Scoop,leaving the Professionals outside the guarded gate. It was a few days before this bus driver relaxed.
sam canon city colo . ' Is'nt retirement Great , sipping that coffee ? sam

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Those warning pains can be beneficial. Quite a while back when a small child, first time seeing a 'Steam Radiator',(ask great grandpa about Steam Radiators), the temperature was very cold outside at the town of Hayden Colorado, nearest to our Homestead, probably my first visit traversing the 12 miles with Dad in the Bobsled over the snow packed trail, entered the Livery Stable when arriving in town.
Dad placed a Horse Blanket over each horse, perspiring after trotting the last couple of miles in spite of way below freezing temperature. It seemed warm in the Livery Stable compared to outside, after entering when the big sliding door was opened for us.
Then across the street to the Mercantile Store,sort of like Wal-Mart on a very small scale, except no self service. Usually a Clerk was handed a list having been prepared before leaving home, having been added to for several days. Several chairs to sit in while the Store 'Help' filled the order. Samples of Cheese and Crackers, Dill Pickles and Cookies. Neighbors gathered there sitting around the big red hot Coal Pot Bellied Stove, putting out better heat than the Steam RRadiators,and each neighbor trying to tell the tallest tale. The trips were not frequent and Homesteaders took turns keeping the trail open after snowstorms.
Yes I spotted that Steam Radiator and as most inquisitive kids would do, put my hand on the Radiator. Needless to say, no-one needed to tell me to take my hand off. A warning Pain.
However, when we have the warning pain of Arthritis or other Ailments, it is not as easy to escape from as quickly as moving a hand.
Parents would do well to explain to a child before their first trip to a dentist for a tooth pulling to not bite on the inside of the mouth even tho the biting produces no pain at the time.
Perhaps I was told and just not listening, learned that the pain taught a lesson, next tooth pulling by a dentist, don't bite inside the mouth.
There are those whom are willing to suffer to enhance the Ego, such as Boxers, Football Players, other Sports, Skaters and Bikers with no Helment.
We have a Choice. Sometimes it takes a while to decide on the right choice. A few never do. sam


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ex-Presidents Bush and Clinton.
The elder President Bush and Bill Clinton are at this time (Tuesday, 14 October, 2008)working together to discuss the Gulf Coast Problems after the devastations of so much of the Gulf Coast by the recent hurricanes.
Ex- President BUSH is very impressive to me whom is near my age, and Mr. Bush served in World War 2 as a Combat Pilot, facing Enemy Combat Pilots.
Myself, being a Veteran of World War 2 also and spent many months in the Southwest Pacific on the Ground Crew of the 110th Fighter Squadron, Fifth Air Force, had friends whom were our Pilots, 18, 19, 20 years old, younger than I. Mr. Bush was about that age, and in a different area.
Those World War 2 Pilots are getting smaller in number as time seems to be fleeting as we become older. I continue to hold those Pilots in Awe as did during the times of World War 2.
Getting to the flight line, joking with the Crew Chiefs, climbing up and into the P-39, P-40, both single engine Prop planes, 500 pound bomb under each wing and machine gun ammunition loaded by the Ordnance Soldiers, Rev up the engine and take off to attack a target that might only be a few miles away, return in a few minutes, up to the flight line for more bombs and Ammo' to be loaded and off for another attack. Our airstrips were near the island beaches.
The planes often came back with bullet holes or shrapnel damage and the pilot looks it over and says, load 'er up and soon be off again.
A sad time it was when the plane did not return. We owe so much gratitude to ones such as Ex- President Bush and to Senator McCain whom have given so much to the America that they Love.
Ex- Presidents now working together to try to do good for Humanity, politics aside. sam

Monday, October 13, 2008



This from BALDY AKA SAM ( sayit) , attempting to copy and paste a story of a Dear old Pioneer, GRANDMOTHER ERMEY.
This story is in 'My Documents' and have several other stories , some telling of little Mary Jane, a grand daughter whom I married in 1946.


During my childhood our history books in school taught we students of the pioneers,not only of the 'Mayflower'anchoring near the harsh shores of 'New England'and the following Centuries,we learned of the Westward movement through the vast unknown.
Now to the ERA of the early 1900s,grandma Ermey was then a schoolchild in western Kansas. Graduated from the 8th grade of a one room school.
Her teacher Charles Ermey had told the students he would not be back for the next Fall Classes as he would be going to College full time to study to become a Pharmacist.
Grandma Ermey's maiden name was Bertha India Shidler.Just before leaving for College,Charles Ermey asked the young Bertha Shidler to marry him.
They departed without goodby's to her family,whom would object because of Bertha's youth.Married now,Bertha studied along with Charles,helping and encouraging,also working a job to pay expenses,the months and years required for pharmicist position came to time for the qualifying tests.Bertha accompanied Charles to the Test Room,insisted in also taking the test and indeed passed with a slightly higher score than Charles.
Now with each having a nice income while working as pharmacists,looking forward to wanted babies,by now Bertha's dad's fears had subsided and all were happy.
Charles Ermey was offered and accepted a job of top salesman for a wholesale Drug Route.
Now in the 1920s,living in Tulsa,Oil Boom ongoing,bought larger house to accomodate the children,and even though had bought a 'Terraplane',an expensive car,kept the trusty Model-T Ford.
Bertha was one of those pioneer ladies that could handle just about any problem presenting itself.She told of the time driving the Model-T to Arkansas, 90 miles east of Tulsa,running low on gas when starting up Flint Creek Hill,the engine quit.The gas tank being under the seat,gravity flow to the engine,steep uphill and naturally the engine starved for gas.She knew this of course,so turned the car around with help of the friendly Okies that came along.No problem now,just back up the Flint Hill,only one half mile to the top.
During this pleasure tour was when Bertha bought 40 acres at the edge of Weddington Arkansas.She was traveling by herself on this trip.Very adept to making business deals on her own,arranged with a contractor to build a big nice barn on the undeveloped 40 acres.
Later when informed the barn was finished and ready for use,Bertha arranged for a family re-union at the barn and of course invited all the children and theirs to be there on the 4th of July,a few weeks away.
I loved to hear her tell about that re-union.From different States,some arriving a day or two ahead of time,brought bedrolls ,sleeping bags,mattresses and even complete bedsteads,staking their claim in the huge Loft.
Weddington's population of 40 increased to more than double by July 4th.For several years the'barn' was the location for family re-unions,however,some occasionally were down on their luck and just took up residence in the Barn,there to meet and greet weekend visitors that hopefully would bring a nice supply of groceries.
Years passed as they must,and in 1946 I married Mary Jane,Bertha's grand-daughter and Mary Jane was anxious for she and I to go see her grandma at the Barn.Tulsa was now in the past,Charles and her retired and enjoying life on the farm in the Barn which now had presentable living quarters downstairs and the upstairs remaining as the original with beds waiting for occasional weekend visitors.
Only one of Grandma's children was younger than I,even so they are all gone now,dear old Bertha Ermey living longer than some of her children.
I am certainly looking forward to the next re-union.
Monday, August 14, 2006 sam

Sunday, October 12, 2008


ABLE TO GET OUT OF BED ? If so, be happy about it. Thank GOD.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


October is great - not too hot - not too cold

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another Beautiful Day

Sunset over the Indian Maiden Mountain, Canon City Colorado


The end of this rainbow was not far from the backyard, just beyond the Hayfield.
Yes we have Hayfields in this neighborhood. Very unique and beautiful place to live. Foothills to the 'Rockies'. Grandfather Clause. Concerning Farms the Grandfather Clause had in mind the Decendants of Grandpa, if continuing to carry on as Grandpa did, using horses, mules, raising crops such as the Hayfield, Truck Patches (various garden items), producing feed for the Chickens, Turkies, Pigs, Cows and whatever Grandpa had at the Farm is legitimate at this time.
Wonderful place to live. My abode is at the 'Royal Gorge Manor', tallest building in town, and Wal Mart , my favorite is a couple miles East, and when going to Wal Mart , pass by homes of neighbors whom are children and grandchildren of Grandpa and carrying on tradition of farming and having livestock as Grandpa did.
Tourists from large Cities find it hard to believe, seeing this admirable situation, theirselves not being allowed to have chickens or goats in their City Neighborhood.
Next time on vacation, visit Canon City Colorado and see for yourself the Lifestyle of good loyal Americans that are Tolerant and willing to make their own way.
However, I should add, there are other parts of town where there are restrictions, no chickens, areas where Grandpa Clause does not exist.
I prefer my part of town, love to smell the new mown hay (brings back memories of working in hayfields way back in last Century. sam

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


EVICTED , or is that the word for it ? The blog of my best friends have been blocked. New members.
Kath, the Lady that nicknamed herself 'Mother Hen'.
Helen, no better neighbor lives.
Have been informed they are suspect of possible SPAM.

I also received the notice of being suspect and followed their instructions to a T.

Hello, Your blog at: has been identified as a potential spam blog. To correct this, please request a review by filling out the form at Your blog will be deleted within 20 days if it isn't reviewed, and you'll be unable to publish posts during this time. After we receive your request, we'll review your blog and unlock it within two business days. If this blog doesn't belong to you, you don't have to do anything, and any other blogs you may have won't be affected. We find spam by using an automated classifier. Automatic spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and occasionally a blog like yours is flagged incorrectly. We sincerely apologize for this error. By using this kind of system, however, we can dedicate more storage, bandwidth, and engineering resources to bloggers like you instead of to spammers. For more information, please see Blogger Help: Thank you for your understanding and for your help with our spam-fighting efforts. Sincerely, The Blogger Team P.S. Just one more reminder: Unless you request a review, you won't be able to use your blog. Click this link to request the review:

This is what we received and I answered the one ending with g and ?
Maybe this is a form of initiation. I have not been blocked yet, perhaps because of responding immeadiatly to the demand and received an e-mail form on which to plead my case. (I do want to belong).
I explained being 88 years old and mean no harm to anyone, really enjoy the Christian type entries of Kath , Helen and many others of AOL and in these very few days have had fellowship with Google bloggers.
I am feeling the Pain of those new members whom try to log in and Staring them in the face the Shocking Words.
Will I be next or have I been pacifying to the ones whom ' BLOCK' ?

baldy or sam


Hopefully this message will be forwarded to top officials at GOOGLE BLOGGERS.
These messages to new members of BLOGGERS can be devastating to people that have low tolerance to insinuating notices that the new member may be suspect of sending Spam.
Something is AWRY here when new members are treated this way.

Please, Mr.BLOGGERS, Clue us in on what is going on.
OCTOBER 7 2008 baldy sam

Monday, October 6, 2008


I am going to try to paste a page from wordpad.
I often type in wordpad and paste in AOL. sam

Back during the early 1930s Chouteau Oklahoma had an outstanding baseball team.It consisted of several brothers and others,these small town boys had played baseball since young,the ball field out at the edge of town in a cow pasture.
The Great Depression had began,money scarce,good low cost entertainment was had by watching the ball games.Chose up sides. However,one of the Chouteau residents knew one of the ball players with the Tulsa Oilers.
An arrangement was made for an informal practice game,Chouteau playing the Tulsa Oilers,Coming to Chouteau on a Sunday afternoon. Quite a contrast.The Oilers in their uniforms,none of their baseballs wrapped with black tape and each player had a personal bat.
Some of the Chouteau players wore overhalls and hobnail shoes.Cowboy hats or straw hats.There was a net behind the catcher made of chicken wire stretched over sassafras poles.The mesh of the wire was the large size,occasionally trapped the ball,easy to knock out though with a small sassafras pole.
The game got underway,each side scoring about the same,Oilers ahead by 3 or 4 scores in the 7th inning. What they did'nt realize was Chouteau was not using the best pitcher.He entered for the last two innings and Tulsa never got another hit.Chouteau crept ahead and won by three runs.
Another game was scheduled and when the Oilers showed up for it they had left their uniforms in Tulsa and were wearing everyday clothes.
Good sports they were.Brought enough hand me downs uniforms for two teams and several old gloves and baseballs and bats,
Nice goodwill gestures though it did'nt seem they would ever win against Chouteau, even sometimes coming in midweek.Sundays the Tulsa team were scheduled with other cities.
The Oilers finally won against Chouteau when the three Nickodemus boys were busy hauling hay.
Wish I could remember all their names.Some were the Crockett brothers,Jacksons,Anders, Gann,Rapers,
Some of these Chouteau players were offered jobs playing with the Oilers.The pay was not attractive enough. sam

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just experimenting,trying to learn how to place a photo.
I have no idea why all the print was put up there.
was trying to show photo of a rose.
will I ever learn ?

Saturday, October 4, 2008


(this from 'samsays' AOL.) Evidently I made a mistake when applying for this Google blogpost tho the mistake is allowing me reading my own posts (about 7), and friends are telling me that they cannot access my entries.
On my 'create post page' my URL shows :

I have tried for hours with willing help of AOL friends and cannot so far get things fixed so that Google Post friends can receive my entries.
Again, as said above, I can view all of my own post entries on google and can comment on other Google entries and read my comment made.
If any of you know the proceedure to delet all of mine completely and begin anew please tell me.
I cannot find an opening anywhere to delete it all.
An idea, perhaps I could copy and paste this page on a comment to a Google Blogger and at least my problem might be solved by a knowledgible member.
baldy ( samsays on AOL).



TO all, if you receive this, please tell me. baldy sam



This message to Google.
My attempt to join up has been un-successful. Can read my own posts tho friends cannot.
I would like to delete all and start over. sam (baldy).
Please help me to get a satisfactory blogpost going.

Friday, October 3, 2008 baldy is trying to extend this URL which just made up in the last few minutes, am trying to learn the way to let friends know how to access my posts.
Just in the last couple of days have joined Google blogspot and can read my posts though can others ?
Someone please tell me how to get this URL in the position to allow friends to read my posts. baldy (sam in the AOL journal)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I suppose Old Age motivates Thinking Back, remembering Happy Times and thinking of the many friends that have passed on to the 'Great Beyond'.
Locust Grove Oklahoma in the edge of the Ozark Mountains, my home during High School Days and time of the Great Depression, had a wonderful Natural Spring of Pure Water. Two Springs in fact. One was in town (population 300), the other one half mile East and called 'Pipe Springs'.
A few years of the Great Depression was accompanied by Drouth Years and fortunately the two Springs kept flowing tho did weaken in volume.
The K.O.& G. Railroad (Kansas Oklahoma & Gulf),had tracks thru the downtown two blocks.
During those Depression years a source of income to many was 'hacking ties', ties for Railroads. The ties were 8 feet in length, size 8" by 10".
Ties made of White Oak timber were bringing highest price by the Tie Buyer and stacked in Rows next to the K.O.& G. Rails. Thousands of Ties.
Hacked ties brought one dollar each which was the premium price compared to 'Sawmill' ties that had a rough finish and encouraged dampness. Hacked ties had the very smooth finish produced by the razor sharp blade of the Broadaxe handled by experts. Many of the Experts were Cherokee Indian Men whom enjoyed living in the Forests East of Locust Grove. Their Children were Classmates of mine during High School Days. Times before a Modern School was built. The Student body all twelve grades had 200 students. No Kindergarten.
My High School Graduation year, 1937 was the last year of the using of the outside Toilets way back there in the corners past the ball fields.
Time marched on as it must, World War 2, living among beautiful Beaches in the Southwest Pacific during the War, Marrying a beautiful childhood Schoolmate (Mary Jane), various jobs until settling down to a 32 year career driving buses for Greyhound Lines, retiring in year 1981, moving to Colorado (Canon City).
In the 1970s a younger sister and I decided to attend an all School re-union at Locust Grove after all these years. Arriving there at the re-union was greeted by folks whom had been schoolmates, sometimes taking a little time to recognize because as you know, from slim to overly heavy can have an effect on appearance.
Then 'scouting' around town, where is the Railroad ? No indication there had ever been a Railroad. The 18-wheelers had eliminated the use of small town Rail use.
That wonderful Pipe Spring was still there, as was the friendships of so long ago and the Christian Faiths. We talked about the 'Brush Arbor' Meetings during the Depression years when during Summer Season we need not use the One Room Local School out there in the country, just construct a brush arbor with split logs and hay bales for seats.
Were those the 'Good Old Days' compared to the Traffic Jambs of present day living ? sam

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Wednesday, October 01, 2008,
Yes, Summer is fading, days continue to be warm, though here in Colorado the nights can become quite cool.
Of course the flies would prefer to be inside and especially if food is cooking. Somehow an occasional fly or two will find a way to get in.
That happened just yesterday. No big problem. Went to get the fly swatter. Where is that fly swatter ? Should be there in it's place on the bookcase. No it is not there. In the meantime one fly is there on the window glass, very vulnerable and no fly swatter as the other fly lands on top of my bald head.
Behind the bookcase I find the fly swatter and place it within reach, lean back and sip that coffee when here comes one and lands right on the fly swatter.
More bothersome than back in the Old Days when flies seemed to be everywhere.
A memory of so many years ago when we herded flies out of the house. Though many had screens on the house, just opening the door to enter, there would be a few flies come right in.
The time to herd the flies out of the house was just before mealtime. the younger of the children took turns as the 'doorkeeper'.
Adults, with a teatowel in each hand, waving them not unlike modern cheerleaders wave the pom pons, drove the flies toward the door as the child opened the door and it looked like blackbirds going South for the Winter. baldy

TRYING TO LEARN this is my aol journal URL

sayit is the google blog figure up on the left corner

baldy is the name I gave for entries

What is the proceedure to inform AOL journalist friends ?

Walking a new path.

We've had our ups and downs with aol over the years and I have stayed with them.
A lot to learn for me, just how much of aol is being discontinued ? Is it only the Journals ? Some of you that are 'in the know' please tell me with a comment what to look forward to with aol.
Only a few hours ago got signed up with this blog program, so have quite a lot to learn. sam