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This entry 'Old Tulsa' is one of four years of AOL entries of my journal which had the title, SAM SAYS.

During the 'Oil Gusher'days in the Tulsa area,the late 20s, Tulsa was not a large city. Our family lived at 7th and Harvard, pretty well on the east edge of town.
Farther east was Sheridan Hills beginning to develop, if memory is correct that area was called White City. I remember it because the developers were handing to car occupants each a small box of marshmallows.
Just west of our house was the Tulsa University, on 7th street, then on down the hill was Kendall Grade School.
The electric streetcar went out to the University, then the conducter would get out and move that overhead apparatus around and connect the pully wheel back under the electric wire. From that point to the Kendall Grade School was downgrade, making it necessary to use the brakes.
One Halloween night an innocent looking little girl that lived just across from the school used up a bar of that homemade lye soap greasing the streetcar tracks, rendering the brakes to no avail.
Faster and faster, rocking to and fro, jumped the tracks at the foot of the hill, turning left and onto the school yard .Rough ride though did not overturn. That innocent looking little girl told the investigators that the passenger's heads were sure bobbing up and down.
Not far from there was the Whittier Square, combination of businesses and residences. Perhaps the most popular was the Circle Theater, had began showing some 'Talkies'. The huge Organ to this Day remains as does the 'movies' service.
On your computer,if interested, type Tulsa Circle Theater for a very interesting and informative report of it's restoration.
Nearby was the Circus Grounds where Famous performances took place. Also the farmer's market. Once during Peach season dad and I were at the farmer's market, hopefully he would buy a watermelon. A truck stopped near us and was loaded with peaches , could smell them as he stopped.
That peach truck driver looked at dad and kept looking, then walked up to dad and said, when we finished loading these peaches in Grand Junction, you must have known a shorter route thanI to get here ahead of me. Dad said, that was my 'look alike' brother in Grand Junction that helped you load those peaches.
So in October 1929, the Crash of Wall Street helped bring on the Great Depression of the 1930s. That was when we moved to Chouteau to four rooms and a Path. sam

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