Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another Beautiful Day

Sunset over the Indian Maiden Mountain, Canon City Colorado


The end of this rainbow was not far from the backyard, just beyond the Hayfield.
Yes we have Hayfields in this neighborhood. Very unique and beautiful place to live. Foothills to the 'Rockies'. Grandfather Clause. Concerning Farms the Grandfather Clause had in mind the Decendants of Grandpa, if continuing to carry on as Grandpa did, using horses, mules, raising crops such as the Hayfield, Truck Patches (various garden items), producing feed for the Chickens, Turkies, Pigs, Cows and whatever Grandpa had at the Farm is legitimate at this time.
Wonderful place to live. My abode is at the 'Royal Gorge Manor', tallest building in town, and Wal Mart , my favorite is a couple miles East, and when going to Wal Mart , pass by homes of neighbors whom are children and grandchildren of Grandpa and carrying on tradition of farming and having livestock as Grandpa did.
Tourists from large Cities find it hard to believe, seeing this admirable situation, theirselves not being allowed to have chickens or goats in their City Neighborhood.
Next time on vacation, visit Canon City Colorado and see for yourself the Lifestyle of good loyal Americans that are Tolerant and willing to make their own way.
However, I should add, there are other parts of town where there are restrictions, no chickens, areas where Grandpa Clause does not exist.
I prefer my part of town, love to smell the new mown hay (brings back memories of working in hayfields way back in last Century. sam