Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Those warning pains can be beneficial. Quite a while back when a small child, first time seeing a 'Steam Radiator',(ask great grandpa about Steam Radiators), the temperature was very cold outside at the town of Hayden Colorado, nearest to our Homestead, probably my first visit traversing the 12 miles with Dad in the Bobsled over the snow packed trail, entered the Livery Stable when arriving in town.
Dad placed a Horse Blanket over each horse, perspiring after trotting the last couple of miles in spite of way below freezing temperature. It seemed warm in the Livery Stable compared to outside, after entering when the big sliding door was opened for us.
Then across the street to the Mercantile Store,sort of like Wal-Mart on a very small scale, except no self service. Usually a Clerk was handed a list having been prepared before leaving home, having been added to for several days. Several chairs to sit in while the Store 'Help' filled the order. Samples of Cheese and Crackers, Dill Pickles and Cookies. Neighbors gathered there sitting around the big red hot Coal Pot Bellied Stove, putting out better heat than the Steam RRadiators,and each neighbor trying to tell the tallest tale. The trips were not frequent and Homesteaders took turns keeping the trail open after snowstorms.
Yes I spotted that Steam Radiator and as most inquisitive kids would do, put my hand on the Radiator. Needless to say, no-one needed to tell me to take my hand off. A warning Pain.
However, when we have the warning pain of Arthritis or other Ailments, it is not as easy to escape from as quickly as moving a hand.
Parents would do well to explain to a child before their first trip to a dentist for a tooth pulling to not bite on the inside of the mouth even tho the biting produces no pain at the time.
Perhaps I was told and just not listening, learned that the pain taught a lesson, next tooth pulling by a dentist, don't bite inside the mouth.
There are those whom are willing to suffer to enhance the Ego, such as Boxers, Football Players, other Sports, Skaters and Bikers with no Helment.
We have a Choice. Sometimes it takes a while to decide on the right choice. A few never do. sam