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Back during the early 1930s Chouteau Oklahoma had an outstanding baseball team.It consisted of several brothers and others,these small town boys had played baseball since young,the ball field out at the edge of town in a cow pasture.
The Great Depression had began,money scarce,good low cost entertainment was had by watching the ball games.Chose up sides. However,one of the Chouteau residents knew one of the ball players with the Tulsa Oilers.
An arrangement was made for an informal practice game,Chouteau playing the Tulsa Oilers,Coming to Chouteau on a Sunday afternoon. Quite a contrast.The Oilers in their uniforms,none of their baseballs wrapped with black tape and each player had a personal bat.
Some of the Chouteau players wore overhalls and hobnail shoes.Cowboy hats or straw hats.There was a net behind the catcher made of chicken wire stretched over sassafras poles.The mesh of the wire was the large size,occasionally trapped the ball,easy to knock out though with a small sassafras pole.
The game got underway,each side scoring about the same,Oilers ahead by 3 or 4 scores in the 7th inning. What they did'nt realize was Chouteau was not using the best pitcher.He entered for the last two innings and Tulsa never got another hit.Chouteau crept ahead and won by three runs.
Another game was scheduled and when the Oilers showed up for it they had left their uniforms in Tulsa and were wearing everyday clothes.
Good sports they were.Brought enough hand me downs uniforms for two teams and several old gloves and baseballs and bats,
Nice goodwill gestures though it did'nt seem they would ever win against Chouteau, even sometimes coming in midweek.Sundays the Tulsa team were scheduled with other cities.
The Oilers finally won against Chouteau when the three Nickodemus boys were busy hauling hay.
Wish I could remember all their names.Some were the Crockett brothers,Jacksons,Anders, Gann,Rapers,
Some of these Chouteau players were offered jobs playing with the Oilers.The pay was not attractive enough. sam

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