Friday, October 24, 2008


Years ago, whether millions or billions, geologists can only estimate, this area around Canon City Colorado was affected by the WILL of GOD, one of the results a generous formation of Rocks which supposedly brought on the name ROCKY MOUNTAINS.

So many different kinds of rocks. The entrance to the 'SKYLINE DRIVE' which follows the ridge of a mountain west of Canon City, entrance having an Arch of Stone, rocks from every State of the U.S. at the time of construction. (type keyword SKYLINE DRIVE CANON CITY COLORADO) this built by use of prisoners and sledge hammers making small rocks out of big ones. Mule Teams too, long before the modern

machinery as we know it now.

Beyond Skyline Drive is a valley thru which has U.S. Highway 50 and on out of these foothills to more Western States. Up from that Valley is a taller mountain easily seen from Canon City which has a Stone Quarry of Rose Colored Marble. (a major industry here). The Colorado State Capitol Building at Denver has much of the Marble from this Quarry.

GOD'S Will produced many diverse types of rocks. Abundance of Limestone, Gravel of different Colors.

Of course other States have these things too. Arkansas State and those surrounding it has FLINTROCK. Most of the Flint arrowheads have been found by now. The Cherokee Indians of Oklahoma were experts at making Flint arrowheads. A slow unique process.

I will try to show a photo of the Rose Color Marble Quarry. sam