Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ex-Presidents Bush and Clinton.
The elder President Bush and Bill Clinton are at this time (Tuesday, 14 October, 2008)working together to discuss the Gulf Coast Problems after the devastations of so much of the Gulf Coast by the recent hurricanes.
Ex- President BUSH is very impressive to me whom is near my age, and Mr. Bush served in World War 2 as a Combat Pilot, facing Enemy Combat Pilots.
Myself, being a Veteran of World War 2 also and spent many months in the Southwest Pacific on the Ground Crew of the 110th Fighter Squadron, Fifth Air Force, had friends whom were our Pilots, 18, 19, 20 years old, younger than I. Mr. Bush was about that age, and in a different area.
Those World War 2 Pilots are getting smaller in number as time seems to be fleeting as we become older. I continue to hold those Pilots in Awe as did during the times of World War 2.
Getting to the flight line, joking with the Crew Chiefs, climbing up and into the P-39, P-40, both single engine Prop planes, 500 pound bomb under each wing and machine gun ammunition loaded by the Ordnance Soldiers, Rev up the engine and take off to attack a target that might only be a few miles away, return in a few minutes, up to the flight line for more bombs and Ammo' to be loaded and off for another attack. Our airstrips were near the island beaches.
The planes often came back with bullet holes or shrapnel damage and the pilot looks it over and says, load 'er up and soon be off again.
A sad time it was when the plane did not return. We owe so much gratitude to ones such as Ex- President Bush and to Senator McCain whom have given so much to the America that they Love.
Ex- Presidents now working together to try to do good for Humanity, politics aside. sam