Wednesday, October 22, 2008


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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Greyhound Driver Name of GOODNIGHT
This account sent to my friend John Adams, a retired Greyhound Driver whom also server in Official Capacity during many years with Greyhound. John now lives in Plano Texas.
Hi John,
The 'shortcut' expression reminded me of a Greyhound driver name of GOODNIGHT that took a shortcut with a Scenicruiser loaded with 43 people sleeping soundly along with driver GOODNIGHT.
John , you read an entry that I made of this on my journal and told me then that you did'nt know him. That driver was a character. An older fellow when being hired. Very sociable, part time preacher if needed to fill in if a need arose. A lady in Miami Oklahoma presented him with a brand new pickup truck after a Sermon.
Goodnight was a great friend of the Governor of Arkansas and had went Fox Hunting with him taking Goodnight's dogs, several times.
Back to the SHORTCUT, before the Interstate on Tulsa to Dallas Route, South of Durant Oklahoma was a long 'horseshoe' shaped curve in the highway that was a result of the track formed in the horse and buggy days. Fairly level ground and for some reason the old timers in charge of planning had not utilized a strait thru path like driver GOODNIGHT created that night.
Fortunately, no serious injuries though everyone woke up. Goodnight was out looking to see if there was damage to the bus which now was back on the road at the other side of the 'shortcut' when along came a State Trooper.
Of course Goodnight must make an accident report and in it was a commendation from the Oklahoma Trooper for doing such a good job getting across that expanse and back up on the highway.
John, lots of memories, right ? sam

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