Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another from AOL Archives - CUT and PASTE

Hopefully , AOL journal friends will transfer archives to Google.
Only a few days left 'til November. sam

Farm boys way back then did'nt really need therapy, busy doing what comes naturally, happy to be healthy and alive.
The 'food experts' had'nt yet surfaced, so we country boys ate it if it tasted good.
Mid-morning, Springtime, drop the tools for a few minutes and go sit under a shade tree by the fence dividing the field from the cowpasture. Those contented milk-cows had lain down, also in the shade, pleasantly chewing their 'Cud'. Their What you might say ?
A Cud , in event you don't know, could be a sizeable chunk of chewing tobacco, being rolled around in the jaw of a chewer. With a milk-cow it is a ball of food that has been retrieved from her First Stomach. She has two stomachs.
Sitting there in the shade watching her cough up a cud that was one of several assimilated during the early morning grazing. A City boy seeing that , might think the cow had the hiccups. Not So.
People can also enjoy their cud, whether it be a grisley old guy with his chew or in contrast, a beautiful young lady chewing that gum at slow, medium or fast speed.
We don't need two stomachs though. One is ample to maintain our weight. Sometimes a diet might be a good help. So many different kinds of diet by various experts.
Learned of another diet just yesterday, indirectly, was just an innocent bystander, they did'nt even know I heard. You can learn a lot that way. Careful with this diet was the word. Possible to lose too much weight too fast. Simple and easy liquid diet.
Prune Juice. Eight Ounces early morn' on empty stomach. sam

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