Friday, March 20, 2009


What a relief now to know that an outspoken food expert has proclaimed that salt is'nt really bad as has been accused. all those years thinking my life was being shortened because of addiction to salt.
Good old Granny Gage whom helped feed me when a baby, (she lived to be about 90), introduced me to the pleasurable taste of salt on ripe tomatos when I was learning to walk as she led me around. Back then about 87 years ago , I suspect that few people feared salt.
However, there were many that feared ripe tomatos. Never heard of that ? That is true. Don't know which Era of time it was though that a man announced that he would on the Public Square eat a red ripe tomato to prove they were not poison. I had heared my dad tell that story.
Back to Granny Gage, I learned to believe her about food because especially the gravy she made was so delectable. Using ham or bacon grease, browning the flour to perfection, a touch of onion, generous black pepper, touch of garlic and I was hard to stop from eating that.
Did you say salt too. Of course though she left that to us in addition to the salt she had sprinkled on. Oh the smell of that while cooking.
Other Modern Experts now agree that Sugar is not a killer. Why be a fearful victim to food experts ? Of course use moderation.
No I am not an expert though if it tastes good I will eat it.
Another thing important to remember, aside from an imbalance in our body system, it may not be WHAT we eat that makes us overweight so much as the amount we eat, so have a nice LIFETIME. sam