Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back during Bus Driving Days

Yes, Sam took his Wife Mary Jane and 4 year old Son to St.Louis -

The old Greyhound Bus Station in St.Louis adjoined a huge fruit market. In fact if the sidewalk was included, the incoming Greyhound Buses must drive thru part of the fruit market before unloading the passengers.
Crates of oranges and baskets of fruit placed dareingly near to the area in which the right front wheel of the bus must pass.
On occasion, as accidents do happen, a crunch and out across the sidewalk rolled the fruit, some to be mashed by the rear dual wheels as the bus continued in. Then the yelling and tearing his hair of the fruit manager. Forgetting to speak English momentarily, then shows a Greyhound official, now using English with hand talk how careless that Greyhound driver was to tumble a fruit basket.
Inside the fruit market were various sections, imported dried fruit, candied peels, bakery products, a pickle department. Fish too, live or cleaned on demand. A huge fascinating place.
One day a Greyhound driver had taken his wife and eldest son for a trip to St. Louis from Springfield Missouri. The eldest son was four years old. The driver had brought the Schedule bus up from the garage to drive back to Springfield, silverside bus, this being back in the 1950s, those old buses having no restrooms.
With about a half hour to spare, the driver and wife and boy decided to visit the fruit market. Right off the boy saw those jars of green olives with the bright red on one end of the olive, his favorite. The mother knew he would be thirsty after eating the olives and said no, you would drink too much water and no restroom on the bus. Just eat one of those bananas your dad is offering you. Then the tantrum. Boy following dad, thinking he would give in. The driver held the boy in one arm while he cried and struggled and the sack of bananas in his other hand,
Dozens of people watching, the wife had retreated a few steps and an alert observing lady pointed at the driver and said, I've been watching that bus driver eating those bananas and the boy has'nt even had one. He should be reported. sam

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