Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Wednesday, October 01, 2008,
Yes, Summer is fading, days continue to be warm, though here in Colorado the nights can become quite cool.
Of course the flies would prefer to be inside and especially if food is cooking. Somehow an occasional fly or two will find a way to get in.
That happened just yesterday. No big problem. Went to get the fly swatter. Where is that fly swatter ? Should be there in it's place on the bookcase. No it is not there. In the meantime one fly is there on the window glass, very vulnerable and no fly swatter as the other fly lands on top of my bald head.
Behind the bookcase I find the fly swatter and place it within reach, lean back and sip that coffee when here comes one and lands right on the fly swatter.
More bothersome than back in the Old Days when flies seemed to be everywhere.
A memory of so many years ago when we herded flies out of the house. Though many had screens on the house, just opening the door to enter, there would be a few flies come right in.
The time to herd the flies out of the house was just before mealtime. the younger of the children took turns as the 'doorkeeper'.
Adults, with a teatowel in each hand, waving them not unlike modern cheerleaders wave the pom pons, drove the flies toward the door as the child opened the door and it looked like blackbirds going South for the Winter. baldy

TRYING TO LEARN this is my aol journal URL

sayit is the google blog figure up on the left corner

baldy is the name I gave for entries

What is the proceedure to inform AOL journalist friends ?

Walking a new path.

We've had our ups and downs with aol over the years and I have stayed with them.
A lot to learn for me, just how much of aol is being discontinued ? Is it only the Journals ? Some of you that are 'in the know' please tell me with a comment what to look forward to with aol.
Only a few hours ago got signed up with this blog program, so have quite a lot to learn. sam